October 11, 2011

Comments of [Missed Call Reminder]

Hi, I am Max, the author of [Missed Call Reminder].
Any comments are welcome here!

Comments on Android Market are too short to let me know what is your problem.
Though in most cases, I may not be able to solve your problem.
At least I can answer a few questions here, and maybe some kind people could answer your questions if you are using the same model of phone.

Some common problems:

Q: Why reminder keeps reminding? It is annoying.
A: In new v2.0, now you can just tap [Quick Stop].

Here, I want to explain something about “unread” message.
If you only tap “clear” to remove notification icon from status bar, the message is still remain “unread”, until you open that message and read its content.

I do not define what is “unread”. Android does.
What my app does is just asking Android system: “How many unread messages there?” If the answer is greater than zero, just keep reminding.

Please understand that is not a bug. I just follow the convention defined by Android. 
After tapping [Quick Stop], MCR will ignore all current events, but you may missed something unread.