October 11, 2011

Comments of [Missed Call Reminder]

Hi, I am Max, the author of [Missed Call Reminder].
Any comments are welcome here!

Comments on Android Market are too short to let me know what is your problem.
Though in most cases, I may not be able to solve your problem.
At least I can answer a few questions here, and maybe some kind people could answer your questions if you are using the same model of phone.

Some common problems:

Q: Why reminder keeps reminding? It is annoying.
A: In new v2.0, now you can just tap [Quick Stop].

Here, I want to explain something about “unread” message.
If you only tap “clear” to remove notification icon from status bar, the message is still remain “unread”, until you open that message and read its content.

I do not define what is “unread”. Android does.
What my app does is just asking Android system: “How many unread messages there?” If the answer is greater than zero, just keep reminding.

Please understand that is not a bug. I just follow the convention defined by Android. 
After tapping [Quick Stop], MCR will ignore all current events, but you may missed something unread.




August 01, 2011

Missed Call Reminder (未接來電提醒員)

Just find there is no build-in missed call reminder after buying an android phone?
Did you ever miss important calls while you left your phone outside the meeting room?
This is the must-have app for you.

Whenever you have a missed call or unread message,
this app will remind you by sound, vibration, LED, or lighting up your screen,
for every 10 minutes, or other interval you set.
Reminder continue to work until:
(a) you open the call log screen or message box
(b) you turn reminder off manually
(c) exceed the max reminding time you set

* any combination of reminder target: call, sms, or mms.
* any combination of reminder type: sound, vibration, LED, or screen on.
* preference options include: reminder interval, reminder duration, max reminding time, reminder tone.
* Auto silent when you set your phone in silent mode. (It’s an option)
* Using ringer volume or media volume as your choice.
* This app does not show up any visible message while working.
So check the 'Screen On' is helpful to see what event occurs on system bar.
This is an add-on to system function, not replacement.
* Support app2sd

Changes in version 2.0:
* [Quick Stop] to stop reminder easily.
* Add LED as reminder option. (refer to build-in HELP for more info about LED)
* Now you can set different tones, different LED colors for call and message, to distinguish what you received.
* Auto silent and vibrate off when you set your phone in silent mode.
* Build-in simple HELP document.

Other notes:
* Though this app works as a resident service, it does not consume your valuable power when standing-by in background. No any polling code inside. It works only when specified event occurs. For example, an incoming message received.
Known issue:
* If you have missed call from viber, opening viber's call log can not stop the reminder. You need to open original system's call log.

My Light 2

Use camera flash LED as torch.
For those devices without a LED, you can also use screen back light as torch.
Simple function, tiny code, easy to use.

*NOTE* When you turn on torch, it will prevent your device going into sleep.


亦支援 APP2SD。

*注意* 當你開燈,且本程式在前景執行時,你的手機將不會進入睡眠。


My Light

Using camera LED as torch.
Simple function, tiny code.
Probably the smallest torch application on the market.
If you just need a LED switch and want to save storage,
this is what you're looking for.

Also support APP2SD, though it's already tiny enough. :)